Apollo AlarmSense Manual Call Point 55400-894APO

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Apollo AlarmSense Manual Call Point 55400-894APO

Brand Information

AlarmSense is a range of conventional fire detection and alarm products designed to be connected to the same pair of supply wires, making installation quicker and less expensive. AlarmSense has been developed to make the design and installation of a fire detection and alarm system easier and more economic for small to medium-sized buildings. The range also allows an existing system to be extended or modified if necessary. This flexibility makes AlarmSense an excellent choice for use in HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation). As you would expect from Apollo, AlarmSense incorporates features that help reduce false alarms and patented technology to ensure the integrity of a system. The range also includes products, such as beacons, to help meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Electrical Description

The AlarmSense Manual Call Point is designed to operate with Alarmsense compatible control panels.


When activated, the AlarmSense Manual Call Point introduces a load onto the line, which is detected by the fire control panel. The fire control panel then increases the line voltage, which activates the sounders, the manual call point load is then removed.

Mechanical Construction

The component parts of the call point are moulded in a robust fire retardant polycarbonate.

Product Information

The AlarmSense Manual Call Point has been designed to operate on a loop of AlarmSense compatible two wire fire alarm systems. An alarm is initiated by pressing the resettable element. The manual call point signals to the Control and Indicating Equipment using zene voltages. An alarm status is indicated through the rotation of the resettable element, displaying and yellow and black indication bars and a solid red LED. The manual call point can be easily reset from the front using the supplied reset key.

Key Features

• Resettable operating element • Easy access, front reset mechanism • EN 54-11 Certified • 170° viewable LED • Suitable for semi flush or surface mounting


Warranty 10 year
Quiescent Current 50μA
Quiescent Current Tested At 24V dc
Alarm Current (At 24 Volts) 1.5mA
Humidity (Min) 0% RH
Humidity (Max) 95% RH
Humidity Note no condensation or icing
Humidity 0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
IP Rating Value IP44
Standards EN 54-11
  • CPR
  • LPCB
Weight 156g
Colour Red
Materials Housing Polycarbonate
Product Length 90mm
Product Width 90mm
Product Depth 63mm
Detection Principle Operation of a switch.
Key Type Apollo Manal Call Point reset key

Apollo AlarmSense Manual Call Point 55400-894APO


Apollo AlarmSense

The AlarmSense range of two-wire detection and alarm products work via connection to a single pair of supply wires. This benefits both the installer and the end-user by making installation easier and quicker, less expensive and more adaptable as you do not have to run separate sounder circuits.


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