C-TEC System Line Terminator EP214


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C-TEC System Line Terminator EP214

  • An optional system expansion device for use with the EP203 three zone automatic extinguisher panel.
  • Ideal for terminating the EP203’s release output to a gas release solenoid or multiple metrons/igniting actuators.
  • One EP214 terminator is required per solenoid.
  • Max. 2 x EP214 terminators per EP203 (note one is supplied with the EP203).
  • Measures just 55m W x 55mm H x 22mm D.


Indicators Active LED (illuminates red when the EP203’s extinguishant output is active).
Connections Solenoid/Metron (+Ve & -Ve); Panel (+Ve & -Ve); Next line term. (+Ve & -Ve). Max. cable size 1.5mm.
Product dimensions (mm) 55mm W x 55mm H x 22mm D.
Weight 26g.
Notes For solenoids, the EP203’s extinguishant output can supply 1A for a max. duration of 5 minutes; For metrons, The EP203’s extinguishant output is capable of supplying 3A for 50 millseconds. See instructions for more detailed notes.


C-TEC System Line Terminator EP214




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